Which Voice Are You Listening To?

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Hello Friends!

Have you been experiencing a barrage of discouraging thoughts lately?

You’re not good at this.

What are you doing?

Why are you doing this?

People don’t understand you.

You’re not making any sense.

You’ll never be able to do it like they can.

It’s too hard.

You don’t have enough energy.

You’re not motivated enough.

I could go on and on… but I’ll stop there.

Several years ago, I was speaking to an arena of people. At the end of my presentation, I realized I had gone over my allotted time by 90 seconds. For some reason, this “failure” knocked the wind out of me BIG TIME. I got one of the hardest blows to my gut that I’ve ever received. As I’m closing up, I heard in the back of my mind, almost audibly, “You are an embarrassment and a total failure.”

I turned around to exit to the backstage and made a vow right then and there: “I will never speak in public again.”

I am trembling and my heart is filling with tears. All I want to do is go to the bathroom and bawl my eyes out. I’m so embarrassed and am convinced that everyone front and back stage knows that I totally blew it.

As I’m bee-lining to the back hallway, a company executive steps in front of me and says…

“Wow, Jenny Donnelly. That was absolutely incredible. You know, I can see you speaking at something like a ‘Women of Faith’ some day.”

(insert crickets)

“Me? Really? Wow. Thanks.” That’s about all I could muster up in a state of confusion. Plus, I had tears that were trying to burst through my eyelids. I continued quickly towards the bathroom – totally baffled. How could he have said that? He saw how horribly I did? Didn’t he?

I walked into the cold concrete style bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My insides were trembling and I felt like I could throw up.

When I looked into the mirror that day, it wasn’t me who was staring back. Strangely, I saw Father God staring back at me.

“You choose.”

Those were the words that rattled my bones and everything in me. “You choose, Jenny. You heard both voices: never speak again or speak to thousands of women.”

The next thing I heard still gives me chills to this day: “The voice you choose will determine how you live the rest of your life.”

You see, this wasn’t about me choosing if I would speak to nobody or speak to thousands, this was about who I was surrendering my will to. In that moment, everything in me – and I mean absolutely everything – wanted to give that calling in me away. I didn’t want the pressure to speak anymore. I didn’t want to feel this vulnerable anymore. I didn’t want to feel like such a loser.

But there was a queen in me that pierced through the foolishness and said “I choose you God. Your voice and no other.”

This was my face-off with the enemy. Since then, he has circled back several times to try and nudge me off my path, said things to discourage me, told me I’m not effective. And honestly, it’s just static in the air that I’ve already made up my mind is garbage.

To hear the rest of the story, I encourage you to listen to the Facebook LIVE or Podcast that Bob and I recorded last night. We were compelled to share our honest message about our personal struggles and more importantly, our victories, over satan’s voice.

There is a very real enemy that wants to discourage us and keep us oppressed and feeling powerless.


So that you will be too discouraged or weary to walk out your calling.

Basically, the onslaught is designed to make you hand over the thing that God called you to do that will change lives.

There are two things we can help you with RIGHT NOW – and it’s all for free. We simply want to help you have the God-fidence to follow God’s path for you!

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