“I wanted to share what God had for Portland last night. It was truly electric.

I’ve been asking God for very specific words/messages as He knows EXACTLY what people need…. what a community needs.


A bucket was raised up in the air and gracefully dipped (with momentum) into water and then brought back up and splashed on us (a crowd of women.) But…. the water was WHITE.

I suddenly knew that the white liquid was being splashed on us, as if we were a blank canvas.

Then, I saw the white caps from a wave…… the white part of the wave that crashes over itself after impact.

The WHITE was the piece that stood out and as I prayed about it the morning of the event, I felt as if God was excited about us being his masterpiece, and we were the canvas.

Then, I knew the white was also the evidence of the white washed soul that has been dipped in the blood of Jesus, made spotless. (Thank you Lord.)

“Sin had left a crimson stain, but He washed me WHITE as snow.”

Then, I remembered that Eden (my 4-year old) was at Drenched a week ago and she got upset with my mom and threw a tantrum…. she took a marker and drew violent scribbles on the paper. I got her calmed down and took her to the table and chairs to color. She looked at the paper with the evidence of her melt-down and took the paper and began coloring in the shapes where the marker lines had overlapped. She ended making a sweet little picture all with the beginning point being a the sheet with the mess.


I knew that God was saying, “I don’t meet you where you WANT to be, where you’d RATHER be, or where you THINK you should be. I meet you EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE…. and that’s what I work with. That becomes my canvas.”

Last night, I knew that the WHITE CANVAS was His redemption for the stories we’ve lived that look more like a mess than a masterpiece… and he wants our stories to work with.

I believe that Revival starts with a Revival in us, where our stories of difficulty and hardship become stories of God’s glory and resurrection work within us. We are challenged to allow adversity to make us into the likeness of Christ. Rather than run or dodge the adversity, we can allow it to crush the grapes into new wine. Something of new and great worth comes out of us when something dies, when pain impacts us to the point of breaking.

God is not the author of pain, but he will use it for our progress.

The white capped wave is the revival wave. Revival depends on us allowing ourselves to be broken so more of Christ can come from us.

There is too much to tell, but we went into a simple, yet profound exercise to LET IT GO…. and LET HIM WORK with our messes to create a masterpiece.

The hunger was so deep. It was one of the most impactful nights for the women of Portland and for me!”

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