Religious performance is a real thing and it will steal your REST! Religion demands that we earn our way to God by our efforts. What an exhausting and impossible way to live!

The gospel message tells us just the opposite. The gospel is called The Good News. Christianity is founded on putting our faith in what Christ did for us, not what we can do for God. What a relief since it is impossible for any of us to be “good enough” to earn our right standing (righteousness) with Father God. Jesus earned that for us! This is why it’s Good News!

How can you know if religion is stealing your REST? Check out this powerful chart comparing religion to the Gospel!

Religion Vs Gospel

In our Drenched Retreats, we use this as an alignment tool. This is just one of the many breakthroughs to REST that people experience at a Drenched Retreat. (See the Drenched event calendar here!)

Look at this POWERFUL chart and ask yourself if you are living from a paradigm of Religion or the Gospel, then re-align yourself as needed.

I visit this chart periodically to be sure that I am not accidentally drifting into the trap of religion! And if I am, I take the religion thoughts captive, repent for this religious pride, and ask God to help me realign with the truth of the gospel.

The following three scriptures are among many that will help remind us that it is what Jesus did for us that gives us access to God, not our performance:

  • John 3:16
  • Romans 3:23
  • 2 Corinthians 5:21

We can be free from religious performance and find REST in the true gospel message!


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