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Many women report being disappointed with their birth experience because of failed expectations. This should not be so! The Lord has given women the gift to carry and give life and it is designed to be VICTORIOUS!

What is a Victorious Birth? This is when we are able to experience the promise of REST and overwhelming presence of God in our pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care of your baby! Yes…. even the delivery can be one of REST!

After the Lord brought both Jenny Donnelly and Stefanie Overstreet (RN & Nutritional Therapy Practictioner) through birth experiences that were painful and chaotic, they searched for a better way to experience the miracle of giving life.

Jenny Donnelly was 42 and having her 5th baby. With a desire to have her last baby without chaos or medication, she asked the Holy Spirit for a strategy to enter the place of rest while in labor. She was able to have her first unmedicated birth with the glory of God resting in the hospital room. Her baby was born quickly and without chaos, fear, or disappointment. The doctors and nurses were amazed and called her birth “the silent birth” because she had no chaos, verbal terror, or angst, even though the entire birth was unmedicated.

Because the experience was so supernatural, yet practical at the same time, she wondered if she could help her close friends duplicate her method. Her friends experienced the same overwhelming peace and rest in the birth of their babies.

This course walks you through the same strategies, whether you plan for a medicated or unmedicated birth, you can have a baby in the atmosphere of the thick presence of the Holy Spirit. This is nothing short of miraculous and yet it is also very practical!

But that’s just the first half. You will also learn how to care for yourself and the baby in ways that no one may have taught you…. there are tools and secrets to share with you in this!

After a traumatic birth experience with her first baby, Stefanie Overstreet (RN & Nutritional Therapy Practictioner) wanted to experience something different. She used the same methods you will learn here and had a beautiful labor full of peace and ease.

With her extensive training in postpartum care as a nurse, Stefanie shares how to care for mom and baby after the birth. Again, these are strategies to bring quick healing, physical comfort, emotional rest, overwhelming peace, and Holy Ghost ease to the significant and fragile months that follow the birth of your baby.

This course will bless you tremendously, guiding you into a pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after care experience like none other. You will be so happy you took this course.

Don’t forget to recommend this to a friend and gift her with the same opportunity to have a victorious birth.

May God bless you in deep REST and ease as you bring forth another champion for the Kingdom!