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What would happen if you prayed fervently for at least 20 minutes each day? You would see a monumental change in your life and this nation would experience healing and power. Jesus has given us the keys to heaven and this workshop will give you a profound template to access your heaven shifting authority. Prayerlessness wreaks havoc on your life and it’s time to turn that around and become a victorious warrior in prayer.

We are calling at least 1 million women to pray. Will you be one of the million who will change history and shift a nation? Your reward will be setting your children and grandchildren up for victory on earth and in the spirit!

Once you have made your prayer square and engaged in prayer, invite others to make their prayer square and begin to shift their life in prayer. (You could have a prayer square party and get some supplies and host some friends around the kitchen table!)

We don’t just need you praying, but you passing along this equipping tool to activate others in prayer!