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Dying to self to experience TRUE LIFE.

DISCLAIMER: By reading this book and engaging in the Masterclass group discussions, your life will never be the same. 

1. Read the book and take the course independently, engaging in several audio experiences along the way. When you come across a QR code in the book, you will be lead to an audio experience like none other! DO NOT SKIP! People have told us that these audios have unlocked deep healing and transformation! 

2. Take it a step further and experience WAKE UP DEAD with a group. Engage in the 8 Masterclass Videos and Study Guide through what we call a group “treasure hunt.” Each person will read the scheduled chapters on their own, then come together for a short video and Study Guide discussion to find the unlimited treasures in the written word of God! This is our favorite way to experience WAKE UP DEAD. And the videos and Study Guide downloads are free!

Course Includes:

  • 8 Master level teaching sessions on dying to self
  • 6 integrated audio activations
  • 7 PDF documents to suggest private study and group discussion

To print the FULL study guide as a booklet – download the print file here, send to your local Office Depot, FedEx Office, or local print shop, and ask for printing setup to be “saddle-stitch” or “fold-and-staple.” 

IMPORTANT: This course is a companion to the book, Wake Up Dead, by Jenny Donnelly. It is NOT recommended as a standalone course. To purchase the companion book, click below!