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Weekly LIVE Classes: Approx. 35 min. each

  • Monday/Wednesday: “Sweat from a place of Rest” (choose your cardio machine or walk /run outdoors)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: “Full Body Rest Resistance” (body weight, light and medium weights, band, medicine ball, stability ball, exercise mat.

Join our in-home LIVE and ON-DEMAND REST TRAINING workout program!


This isn’t your typical workout class! We call this program “REST TRAINING” because the goal is double-fold: get in great shape and guide you into what we call “The Pocket,” a place where you are WORKING FROM A PLACE OF REST. We pray, prophecy, and minister to you as you work. After completing the 35-minute workout, you will be trained to walk into your day with the ability to WORK FROM A PLACE OF REST.


  • CARDIO: Monday’s and Wednesday’s you’ll join Jenny using a cardio machine of your choice (or you could choose outdoor walking/running with headphones.) She will personally choose to teach from a spin bike or treadmill and help you burn tons of calories and maintain your inner REST. Note: Heart rate monitor is highly recommended as Jenny will use heart rate to help you find your best work zone.
  • TOTAL BODY: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s Jenny will be teaming up with a few special guest trainers to teach you, full-body classes. They will be leading you through a full-body workout using mainly your own body weight and light weights. You will hit every major muscle group in a week all while learning how to do challenging things from a place of REST. Equipment to have on hand: medicine ball, medium exercise band, light, and heavier dumbbells, inflatable exercise ball, and an exercise mat.

NOTE: This program is available to non-members for $9.99/month! If you have friends who you’d like to join the REST TRAINING community, please share this a-la-carte option with them! Our All-Access Members and Vision Members are also able to access this program for no extra cost.

Please consult a physician before engaging in physical activity. This content is not intended to treat or provide medical advice.

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