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8 Classes: Approx. 30 mins each

Do you feel “stuck” in seemingly impossible circumstances and trapped in a place that’s stale and exhausting? Are you a hopeless prisoner held captive behind the prison walls of missed opportunities, watching your dreams slowing evaporate and drift into obscurity? Perhaps you feel like you’re lost in the wilderness of life’s circumstances and the joy of new discovery has surrendered to the challenge to just survive. During these times, solutions become elusive and every decision feel like the wrong one

No matter how many disappointments have come hour way or how shipwrecked life has left you, don’t give up! Life is a process of dreaming and dreaming again…and you have the power to turn your situation around and begin a new chapter in your adventure for your better future. Dreams do come true for those who never quit. This is your time to harness the power of change and do something extraordinary! If you love life but hate the way you are living, strap on your backpack and forger your way through he wilderness and Dream Again…because there’s no better place to begin!